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Mr. Kooks, as a company is as unique as its seasonings. Our ethics are built around experiences ranging from a 107-year old spice-blending legacy in India, a 15-year old Texan passion for backyard grilling, and of course a lifetime of experiencing new cuisines from an unmatched wanderlust.

India’s understanding of its own cultures and it’s complex historical and contemporary relations with foreign cultures are deeply evident in public conceptualizations of food as well as in culinary and gastronomic choices and lifestyles. Culture, Food & India are inseparable.

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Are Mr Kooks pastes made in India?

Mr Kooks uses Indian spices to accentuate the flavor profile of its sauces and pastes which are manufactured completely in USA under standard FDA guidelines.

Can you eat the simmer sauce from the bottle?

Mr kooks simmer sauces are pre cooked and are ready to be mixed in with the vegetables and meats of your choice while they are cooking.

How long does it take to make a dish using Mr Kooks Simmer Sauces?

This depends largely on what type of vegetable or meat is being cooked along with the sauces but the maximum cooking time usually tends to be less than thirty minutes.

Can home cooks use Mr Kooks easily for a quick meal?

Mr Kooks range of Indian sauces are ideal for home cooks who love the robust flavors of Indian cooking but struggle to recreate the same taste and flavor profile from scratch.

What sort of meats can be used with Mr Kooks sauces?

The meat can be completely of your choice and you can add one or more of off chicken, lamb, mutton, beef pork or even fish of your choice to these sauces.

Are the raw ingredients used gluten free?

Mr Kook’s promises healthy, clean and most importantly gluten free ingredients that help you whip up your favorite Indian dishes for your family in just 30 minutes or less.

Do you need to shake the bottle before use?

We suggest you give your jar of Mr Kooks a thorough shaking before opening it and using it for the first time and subsequently thereafter.

What is the ideal accompaniment for Indian dishes made with Mr Kooks?

Mr Kooks made Indian cuisine can be best enjoyed with rice, naans, rotis and flatbreads of your choice.

Where can I find Mr Kooks sauces?

Mr Kooks works with major distributors like Kehe, UNFI, DPI, Davidson and are present across 2000 retailers in the United States.

What exactly is Mr Kooks?

Mr. Kook’s is a line of Indian Simmer Sauces. They are targeted towards mainstream consumers that want to eat Indian Food but do not have the expertise to cook it from scratch.

From which part of the USA did mr Kooks originate?

The proprietors of Mr Kooks first started their culinary sauce journey from the sate of Texas.

How many servings can one have from a 468 gram jar of Mr Kooks simmer sauces?

Pegging an average serving size at 60 grams you can have 8 full servings from one jar of Mr Kooks simmer sauces.

Why are the spices used in Mr Kooks sauces imported from India?

The first reason for this is to give you the best possible and most authentic flavors to your Indian dishes. Also, the USA is not a known manufacturer of spices while India is the largest manufacturer of authentic spices in the world.