It’s all in the Spice

Mr. Kooks, as a company is as unique as its seasonings. Our ethics are built around a family owned spice-blending legacy since 1912 in India. Mr. Kooks relevance to American culinary lifestyle assumes a greater importance today as the USA becomes more diverse & quite literally a melting pot not just of culture and race but subsequently also of varied cuisines.

In an effort to give the contemporary American only the very best excellence standards, we use only the highest quality spices imported from India, resulting in both excellent flavor and a solid supply chain at the heart of the industry. Our clean-label seasonings are blended in our production facility which ensures zero compromises with food safety.

The Grind before the Spice

Anish Patel and Dimple Patel, are first generation immigrants who started Mr. Kook’s in 2003.

Anish Patel’s family owns a spice business in India and he has cut his teeth on that business at their flagship store, manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India before an ambitious move to the USA. He was trained on the family business by his grandfather and uncle, who taught him the initial retail skills needed to understand the consumer and their behavior. His father trained him at sourcing and manufacturing, formulating and the importance of each ingredient that goes into making the blends.

Dimple Patel, a successful entrepreneur in her own right ran the family retail store of imported auto parts. Once married, she joined the family spice business and to educate her further, she enrolled at the Taj flight kitchen in India to understand cooking at commercial scales. After completing her masters, she joined her husband in the USA in the year 2001 and joined the local Bakersfield college to understand the American way of cooking at Bakersfield Catering College.

Anish and Dimple decided to come to USA in 2000, on mission to spread the reach of the family spice business to a country which was still consuming bland food but was growing in spice consumption.


To be acknowledged as the Epitome of Continuous Excellence & Perfection through Outstanding Commitment dedicated to Quality.


To make sure the authenticity of the origins of the spices is represented well in the taste profile.

Social Commitment

We give back a part of our proceeds to local food banks or where we feel the money will be well spent.

Manufactured in USA

Proudly manufacturing in USA – Our plants are designed in tandem with food and technology experts and are custom-built facilities.


A gluten-free diet helps with improved health, weight loss, increased energy, reduced bloating and better metabolism. At Mr. Kooks, we value a Gluten-Free existence.